VMware Infrastructure Web Service not responding (Connection Refused)

I had VMWare server installed on my PC for development purposes. It was all this while working without failure aside from it being slow at times, but could cater to what I need. However, just yesterday, I could not access the web console and the windows installed in it. Below was the error prompted:

The VMware Infrastructure Web Service at “http://localhost:8222/sdk” is not responding (Connection Refused).

Try Again
The service may not be responding because hostd is too busy or because it is not running. Try again in a few moments or restart hostd.Until communication with the VI Web Service is restored, VI Web Access will not be able to manage any hosts.

More Information
DetailsConnectException : Operation failed.

As usual, after some browsing on Google, apparently the error is not something disastrous. On top of that, the reason behind the error was rather weird. It was due to “VMWare Host Agent” stopped running. To resolve it, in services manager, activate back ‘VMware Host Agent‘ service. Then browsing back the web console resume normal.

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