Top Sportsbook And Poker Reviews And Recommendations

I have always wanted to make a visit on gambling site to check out what they offers and how do they do it. As a programmer myself, I thought of doing a web application for gambling site before(just for fun) and probably release it under open source code. But that have never succeed yet as till now. But now I got a review request for a gambling site(that post reviews on the real site) and thought i should take this opportunity to pay a visit and spare some time to evaluate the site.

Sportsbook-Watch – Top Sportsbook And Poker Reviews And Recommendations is a review site that targets the gambler and the gamers to give information on the type of games and the source for them to please their itchiness. At the first sight, the design of the site looks typical website which does not really impress me. A good impressions plays a quite important key in a website as if the website does not have a good looking or user friendly interface, the visitors will never want to bother navigating and even worst, close it.

Going into the contents, there are three main links shown on top of the page, the casino sites, poker sites and sportsbook sites. The three links will bring you to a page where all the sites of the game is available and the reviews with rating. This is common in most common reviews site that provide reviews.

Then looking at the left navigation link buttons, there are numerous links which some includes free betting ebooks, live sports score, and various sportsbook review. There are few page language provided which are English, Spanish, French, Deutch, and Italianiese. These are great so that different users from different part of the world is able to select their preferable language to read.

After looking at the site, I found that the overall of the site looks quite dull and it would be better if there is some animations around the site. Enhancement toward the design will improvise the environment and even get more attention from the user. It will be better if there are more sample games and graphics representation and information of those games to the public so that they will have more information gained throughout the site.

I would give the site a rating of 3 out of 5.

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