The new Hypnostick Wizard

If you remember my previous post on hypnostick 26650 version, the modder recently announced the name for it as Hypnostick Wizard. It has interesting design change over the 18650 version. Dont get me wrong, i was not referring to the dimension difference but rather the functional change. I have shared those change in my previous post and i am listing it here again for quick overview:

1. Battery cap. Never have i seen such design they came up for this.
2. Button placement. Its much better placed esthetically but i think the ease of usage can only be judge by holding it
3. Latest improved Starplat chipset which provides 70+ watt (previous version only provide 50watt max). While words exchange are mentioning that the previous version would have firmware update but it remains as speculation at this point.

While there are pros, there is cons too. There are only brass and aluminium bracket material options now as oppose previously available titanium. I did some reading in comparing all those options and based on my understanding, titanium material is more durable and “tough” compared to others. It is also considered much higher end or luxury albeit more expensive.

There is no price being shared yet as of now writing this. I will try to reach out the modder to ask about the possible RRP but there was a recent auction held on the facebook page and it ended at USD625 (Exluding shipping for USD45 and 5.5% of paypal fee).

The modder did indicate that list will be open soon and if you are interested regardless of price, go join hypnostick group in facebook to get latest update and progress!

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