SuperStar Aquarius

Some of the pics I took during drydock in SuperStar Aquarius…

This is where we were for more than two weeks(<3). It’s more or less like a village.

The ship docked quite near to the land. It get it’s power from the generator.

This is another view of Superstar Aquarius.

This is how my workstation looks like in the ship. We set up a place where we can do our task and prepare for the club.

The Mariners. We used to take our breakfast and dinner there. Those chair is covered with plastic to protect it from getting dusty while the construction do their job.

My cabin. Originally it was 9113 but then later was renamed to 9115 after Fidelio system brought up.

This is how our washroom looks like.

I went to Chinatown in Singapore. Actually we travelled to Orchid Road at first but later found out there was nothing to shop as those stuff sold there is all branded and pricey. We enjoyed our time there in Chinatown although there were nothing worth buying but their environment was at least make some different.

This is where the Singapore Starcruises administrative company located. I went there to fix a printer but failed. P/S: I don’t like OKI printer.

 There are more available @ I’m lazy to update all. Feel free to browse through…

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