Honda Civic FD common issue #1 hydraulic mount

Posting this for a note to myself, signs when hydraulic mount gives way:

1) Air-con kick-in resulted in abit of vibration to dashboard
2) sound of plastic vibrating from dashboard, pillar B plastic covering
3) Engine sound abit loud nearing to the end of the mounting + vibration & feeling like knocking & pinging to the engine during nite driving

Once broke/leaking this would contributes to:
1) knocking & pinging getting louder as well as the engine…
2) Continuous thumping once going thru potholes, humps & uneven road
3) Dashboard & overall panel vibration getting worst

Got to check the mount before my warranty expires real soon!

1 thought on “Honda Civic FD common issue #1 hydraulic mount

  1. I’m experiencing it right now in my fd. Knocking sound when in cold start and when driving in high revs. But when engine is already hot, the sound disappears. Is hydraulic mount same with engine support? What are the probable cause of hydraulic mount malfunction?

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