FujiXerox DocuPrint M215b Override Catridge Close To Life Error

I was prompted with low toner warning for sometime but didn’t bother to attend to it. In fact, I have already has a backup cartridge with me ever since i bought the printer as I bought a spare just so the one that comes with the printer fully utilised.

Now what I curious is how accurate of the printer in detecting the toner balance level and I am under impression that it’s programmed to calculate the print count. If that is so then I think it is not accurately reflecting the real toner balance that it is left since at some point my printout is just few words or at least half the page.

The thing bothers me just now is that the printer interrupt my print job from proceeding and prompted “Toner is close to life” or in a similar meaning and I don’t think that is “logical” to do since I could gauge when I needed to change the toner by looking at the printout instead of stopping me from printing. So curiosity caught me and a little googling lead me to this setting:

Press back when “Toner Close to Life” prompted
Press System setting
Browse to • Machine Life
Select Continue Print instead of Stop Print (default selected value)

Here’s the description of Machine Life : To specify whether to continue print operations when the printer comes to the end of its service life.

Then there is disclaimer stating that having that “Continue Print” option selected would not guarantee the quality of the printout. That is all good for me since I could have got it replaced if the printout isn’t up to my expectation.

Here’s the manual that I refer to on the printer:

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