FRP/GRP Fiber Tank

FRP/GRP panels using a open mould hand lay process to ensure the panels are completely cured,dimensionally withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The company have obtained certification given by The Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) for manufacturing FTP/GRP panels which meets international standard of Singapore Standard SS245:1 995 which is a requirement.

These FRP/GRP panels are moulded from good quality grades of unsaturated polyester resin which meets the requirement of BS 3532 specification with reinforced E-Class Type Chopped Strand Mat conforming to BS 3496 specification and E-Class Type Woven Roving confirming to BS 3749 specification. Under the scheme of supervision and quality control specified by SIRIM, G-FRP’s GRP/FRP panels are closely scrutinized and tested to meet its performance as:
Confirmed to be non-toxis, odourless and is safe for portable water storage for the purpose of human consumption. BS 6920 Modular design enable you the create the required capacity freely depending on the volumn of water required and space availability.

Assembled by connecting independent angular panel with bolts and reinforced by external vertical bracing and internal bracing without any jointing.

This internal bracing and fasters which are in contact with water are of stainless steel grade SUS 304 to meet the requirement of SS 245: 1995. External bolts and nuts and its steel supports are hot dip galvanized as required by SS 245: 1995. A SS toggle latch is provided for the manhole cover. Several times lighter than steel panel.

Designed and built to withstand both hydrostatic and dynamic pressure exceeding six times its rated capacity.
Completely rust free which greatly improves sanitation and its non-corrodable properties greatly extend the life span of the tank and reduces maintenance.

Panels are coated with UV stabilized polyster resin (Flow Coat) on the external and have 0% light transmission thus eliminating algae or bacteria growth completely and Gel Coat on the internal surface to protect against corrosion by Chlorine.

We produce different dimension of all kinds of need and if you have specific requirement or requires customization on certain mould, feel free to contact us. Post a comment here if you’re looking for one (with your contact details) and we shall be glad to assist you.

Some products we made:
Custom Made and OEM Products
FRP Air-Cond Pipes
FRP Chemical Storage Tank
FRP Clarifier Tank
FRP Ducting
FRP Scrubber
G-C Series (Cylindrical Open Top)
G-R Series (Rectangular Open Top)
GR-A Series (Rectangular Alternative Open Top)
FRP Flanges
Water Tank
Internal Lamination System

We provide own sales and customer services. Our trained service and installation teams ensure proper installation maintenance.

Product Warranty
We provides an extensive guarantee on GRP/FRP water storage tank which is manufactured with premium grade material and high quality control of ten(10) years (warranty apply) from the date of handing over, for manufacturing defects.

Liability is strictly limited to replacing the water tank and not for any consequential loss resulting from the tank. Also, a warranty of one (1) year on installation against leakage is granted from the date of completion of tank installation. This guarantee does not include defects arising from improper usage of the water storage tank, unauthorized repair, vandalism, failure of foundation/support and other external abuses.

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