DNA75 26650 Weak Battery Prompt

I have been using mod that utilise 18650 battery so far. I used to charge my mod 2 days once. Recently, I need to get it on daily basis. It could be the battery that loses it’s reliability or I have increased my use count. Anyway, that was not my main point for this post but rather on 26650 battery.

It has been circulating around the web on words that there is issue on using 26650 battery with DNA75. Some said that it was due to the battery while other was saying due to the build (re: coil) that is drawing power more than it could provide. I am no techie in electronics despite I do have some knowledge in computer hardware but that isn’t relate or at least nothing in electronic. There is recent test carried out by Cole from Kudzu Industries (the modder for Minx, Honey Badger) and the suspect were on battery and/or the settings that come with DNA75 (that does the preheat). Here’s an excerpt from Cole:

Because of recent issues with 26650 batteries and the DNA75 board, i want to have an open discussion here. We have some Badgers on the way back to us that are showing “Weak Battery” on DNA75 chipsets. We are going to test these mods with 26650 batteries and 18650 batteries.
We test in-house with a 1ohm load and push the board to 6 volts to make sure we don’t see any issues before we ship. I’ve been told by a couple customers that they are getting weak battery screens with builds in the .3 – .4 range (non temp control). So we are going to retest at this range. We are also going to test sag with 18650s vs 26650s in the same mod.
Ideally i would like to find a way to maybe change the preheat on the DNA75 to not tax the 26650s so hard. I honestly don’t have a logical excuse for this behavior other than 26650s are a dead tech and MAYBE the 75s preheat is too much for the internal resistance of most 26650s.
It could also be that there is an issue with our tube. This issue has never been seen on an 18650 minx. So we know from this info that it has to do with the tube or the batteries. We also know the issue is intermittent. It happens on some badgers but not others.
I am not pointing fingers at anyone with this post. I just want to make sure everyone is aware that we are looking into the issue and that we will do everything we can to rectify it. We are currently sourcing some 18650 conversion sleeves for the badgers in case this is a battery issue (or a batter/chipset issue).

That actually made me reconsider if I should get 26650 mod. While 2x 18650 battery or even more may seem bulky, that could be more reliable than 26650 option. But I did search for mod using sx350j board running 26650 and never once I hear about the issue as frequent as DNA75 received. As Cole has pointed out, the suspect may be the preheat configuration in DNA75 which stress out the battery power and having it escribed would help probably but I think I could look for sxj350 mod.

I have been looking at Rhaegal from the well known Diablo Mods (I got to know them through Fulgoris) which was put up on offer for EUR €350 (normal price EUR €650). The quality isn’t as good as other Rhaegal due to the impurities of the resin used on that particular mod on offer but everything work just as well. Here’s a spec of the mod:
Rhaegal Diablo Mods
Board: Yihi SX350j V2 75w
Battery: 26650 (Efest Green recommended)
Body: Stabilized Wood
Frame: Stainless Steel
Battery Contacts: 24k gold plated brass
510 connection: auto-adjusting
Dimensions: 90mm (h) x 52-56mm (w) x 28-34mm (t) (may vary on each unit)
26650 Rhaegal sx350j v2 Mod

It’s tempting really if not for the colors (I am only interested with blue, red or something with honey wood) I would have grab it up. Anyone of you who are looking for 26650, you probably don’t want to miss this which is near to 50% discount offer.

There is also another mod that is put up on offer, the Omen that runs 18650 on DNA75. If you’re on the hunt for 18650 and something in purplish, go take a look. The specs are:
Omen 18650 DNA75
Unit: Omen #05
Board: DNA75
Battery: 18650
Battery contacts: 24k gold plated brass
510-connection: auto-adjusting
Wood: Dual-toned maple burl
Starting price: 400€
Minimum increments: 20€

It’s also being offered at a discounted rate EUR €400 as of time writing this. The RRP for this is EUR €650. It’s a killer deal.

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