CJ7 vs KungFu Dunk?

The two movies are like “Stephen Chow” vs “Jay Chow”, in a way. I watched those two movie continuously one after another on Sunday, and I will strongly recommend CJ7 over the other. There are people laughing while watching the movie and there is a part where the story goes so touching that I myself almost in tears. Hey, it’s really touching and not only me, I have heard some of the people sob while that part was on air.

Frankly, the KungFu Dunk was quite boring and emotionless that failed to gain my interest to watch further. I didn’t leave tho but doesn’t feels like wanted to continue watching and forcing myself to look at the big screen. It’s really sad that the movie was far beyond my expectation and it’s worst than “the Secret” which Jay was the director cum actor himself.

Alright, that’s it. I was planning to do more of my programming task which have been pending since before CNY but was too excited that I can blog again on InfoCT.net. I just love my blog, sincere thanks to Janet for granting me the control over this. Thank you.

 Asides, I’m quite “alone” for the week till next Monday as she went to Switzerland, Italy and Dubai for company incentive trip. How nice that is. I hope my company will have it but too bad :-/ heh. Anyway, my company annual dinner will be next week, 22nd of February which will be held in Sheraton Subang. Hopefully my monster will be out before that day to drive me all the way there proudly.


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