Chrome prompt err_invalid_auth_credentials on sharepoint sites

That was the issue I faced for past few days until this morning. I subscribed to one of the chrome bulletin/forum board where people were discussing on the same issue that they faced with chrome when visiting sites like sharepoint (not limiting to that site) and got prompted with err_invalid_auth_credentials.

One of the user shared how he fixed his issue and I thought it could fix mine too since that relates how the error is showing.

Here’s the step I did:

1. In IE Internet Options which can be opened from the “gear icon” menu at the top right.
2. Goto Security tab and select local intranet – Custom Level. Scrolled all the way to the bottom and selected Prompt for user name and password.

Try visiting the page that having that error and it prompted for credential. Upon providing that, the page shows. Worked for me and hopefully it works for you too!

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