Automotive interest…

I have been with much interest in automotive topic lately. During my schooling times, I have been admiring those cool sleek sporty cars that my friend had and I told myself to work hard for it. Now that I bought a car myself, I am planning to drive it and maintain it for 10 years. I know, it’s too long but that is what i planned to. It’s quite costly to up keep a car aside from periodic servicing cost, but also to ensure that it is free from dirt and always in good condition is not an easy job.

There are quite a number of friends asking me what makes me buy it when I am not even financial stable yet. It is somehow hard to explain, really. It is something that I hope to have and work hard for it and thus I go for it. It is not because of fame or status but rather more towards interest and preference. I love cars just like girl love beauty. It’s kind of same.

Within a month owning the new civic, I have been reading around to get further understanding on how to maintain the car, improving it and overall functionality of a car. It is cool to know that, there are more people that are automotive enthusiast which share most of their knowledge on the net. Surfing net is not the same as those days where only entertainment is the main objective.

Please welcome the new monster in da house…
The upload picture function is not working thus need to wait for the patch before I can upload any pics… 🙁

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