SQL 2008 or 2014 installation hang

I had an existing SQL server installed on my development PC, SQL 2008 R2. It all started when I try to open my SQL management studio and it hanged. It hanged just before loading the user login dialog.

Then I tried few things:
1. Downloaded SQL 2014 management studio in hope to upgrade the tool. Same thing happened, it hanged while half way through installation.
2. Attempting to upgrade the whole server from 2008 R2 to SQL 2014 derived to same issue as #1.
3. Tried repairing the server SQL 2008 R2. This time it didn’t seem to progress and hang at “SQL Server 2008 Installation Hangs on Install_sql_tools_Cpu64_Action: Write_NativeImage64. Generating Native Images “.

While searching around (Hope I bookmarked the site), I found one sharing to kill Ngen.exe process in the task manager which worked for many. I did that but it still didn’t work out.

Then I found another recommendation to repair the .NET framework. So I tried that, running CMD under administrator mode, executed “sfc /scannow”. It may takes a while to complete.

Once that is done, I continue to end that Ngen.exe task in the progress list of task manager, shortly after, the installer process manage to go through with breeze!

Took me few days to resolve this. Hope anyone who face the same issue can resolve it with this.

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Attachment downloaded with special character/strange filename

Nice solution posted in StackOverflow
string FileName = “Test æ ø å file.txt”;

string name = String.Concat(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(FileName).Select(b => {
if ((b >= 48 && b <= 57) || (b >= 65 && b <= 90) || (b >= 97 && b <= 122)) {
return new String((char)b, 1);
} else {
return String.Format(“%{0:x2}”, b);

Response.AppendHeader(“content-disposition”, “attachment; filename*=UTF-8”” + name);
The text ending up in the header would look like this:

attachment; filename*=UTF-8”Test%20%c3%a6%20%c3%b8%20%c3%a5%20file%2etxt

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